A Turkey’s Life in Calendar

Local artist Julie Moreton designed the incredible images in this calendar. They depict Susan Gorst as a turkey and her life with her turkeys. You’ll be filled with sadness, you’ll smile and get hope.

The story begins 20 years ago when Susan from Moorgate Farm and her husband embarked on rearing KellyBronze Christmas turkeys – shop bought ones didn’t meet their high standards. Five years later, her husband received the crushing news that he had Huntingdon’s Disease.

The family were devastated, faced challenges and traumas hard to comprehend but throughout Susan has remained positive, in part thanks to the turkeys. Whatever your situation Susan believes one thing will help you survive, in her case it was her love and passion of being with her turkeys . Please support her by buying a calendar – all profits go to Huntingdon’s Disease Association research.

Huntingdon’s Disease has no cure, movement, mind and behaviour progressively worsen and there is a 50% chance that the faulty gene will be passed on to a child.



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