Ageing Well – Part 1

Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura climbed Everest aged 80 years and Nola Ochs, from USA earned a Bachelor’s degree at 95, followed by a master’s at age 98. What more proof do you need that you can still embrace life as you get older? Start by finding your confidence with the way you look and feel about yourself.


You can achieve it, if you believe. Plan what you want to do – whether it is to run a marathon, climb a mountain, learn something new or simply change the colour of your hair!

TOP TIP: Drink plenty of water – lose even 1% of body weight in fluid and it can reduce your mental performance.


Depression isn’t a sign of weakness, it can creep up on you at any age, no matter what you have or haven’t achieved. Life changes, as you age, can trigger negative thoughts and depression and a loss can hit an older person harder than younger people. Counselling, doing activities and exercise will help you to feel better and hopeful again but it is also essential to find new challenges and resilience for every landmark.

TOP TIP: Getting a pet, exercise and personal grooming are some of the top ways of staying happy as you age.


Calorific intake should decline with age but a healthy balance of fruit and veg, beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins must be maintained. Choose wholegrain rice, pasta and bread and avoid foods high in fat, sugar and salt including processed foods. Don’t take risks with use-by-dates.


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