Akeley Wood School’s guide to choosing the right nursery for your child

Akeley Wood School’s guide to choosing the right nursery for your child will arm you with the questions you need to ask to get the best for your child.

The introductory years of a child’s education are Akeley Wood School's guide choosing right nursery brimming with excitement, exploration, investigation and discovery.   When a child goes to nursery, their world begins to go beyond the secure familiarity of home life. At Nursery, your little one will become more independent and socially confident. They will begin to make friends, and experience new opportunities to play and learn, interacting with adults beyond their immediate family.

When choosing a nursery consider:

Nursery Relationships – superior nurseries Akeley Wood School's guide choosing right nursery encourage strong links and lasting relationships between parents and teaching/support staff, sharing in observations, goals and ideas that will help to maximise the Nursery experience. Look for the number and timings of open evenings and parents’ meetings.

Key Person –

every child should have an appointed ‘key person’ who assesses the child’s ongoing development and is the rst port of call for parent concerns. The key person should be specially matched with each child based on Akeley Wood School's guide choosing right nursery their ability to engage positively with them, working hard both to understand strengths and respond to needs.  If a key person is absent make sure you ask about arrangements.  This will help you to understand how the continuity of care is maintained.  Remember to check if the Nursery encourages parents to spend time at the end of each day getting feedback from the child’s key person.

Early Years Curriculum –

look for a nursery which provides a nurturing environment. All will offer a numeracy and literacy programme so ask about the amount of children who meet and exceed the expected levels of progress on entry to school. Some very good nurseries have specialist early years teaching staff such as for PE, Drama and Dance.

Flexibility –

not all children develop at the same pace and some will have additional needs. Ask about the ability of the Nursery to tailor teaching and learning to meet special needs of individual children.

Outdoor Play –

well equipped nurseries offer outdoor education and play time. Some offer Forest School, where children learn to engage with their environment in new and stimulating ways.

Opening Times –

vary between nurseries and there is a big difference in how many weeks a year a nursery is open so check this too.

Environment –

think about how the setting supports your child’s learning. Look for a nursery with a ‘home from home’ feel with muted colours and a mixture of plastic toys and accessories made from natural materials. Rooms divided into activity areas, support ‘free flow’ and encourage children to develop skills independently and follow their own interests.

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