ARTea Room’s Cake Tasting Plate – it’s too good not to try!

Artea Room’s cake tasting plate is just too good not to try.

A generous slice of home-made cake with the perfect cup of tea – a tasty treat that’s even better when eaten with friends. But which do you choose; Victoria Sandwich, Coffee, Carrot, Toffee or Chocolate Cake?

ARTea Room’s Cake Tasting Plate comes bursting with choice, flavour, and of course calories! A date with this delight is the perfect solution to your cake dilemma.

Victoria Sandwich:

This classic, very British light and airy choice, topped with home-made butter icing and strawberry jam, is always a winner.

Coffee Cake:

Another traditional British offering. This bursts with the flavours of the much-loved bean and is topped with crunchy walnuts that take your texture buds to the next dimension.


Carrot Cake:

Irresistible, moist and enticing as the gentle spices excite your taste buds and the creamy topping melts in your mouth.

Toffee Cake:

This tea-time favourite is rich, sweet, soft and will brighten any autumnal day.

Chocolate Cake:

It’s truly scrumptious and there is no getting away from the deep, rich, chocolately flavour!


To book a date for a Cake Tasting:

ARTea Room opening hours: 10.00am-4.00pm Tuesday-Saturday 11.00am-4.00pm on Sundays.
Wakefield Country Courtyard, Potterspury NN12 7QX.
01327 810245 •

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