Food For Thought and Wellbeing

October 13, 2019

Mental health is complex – genetics, our environment and so many other factors affect it. There is, however, mounting evidence to support the idea that your mental health also benefits from a healthy diet. Mediterranean

The Price of Health and Beauty

October 13, 2019

Health and beauty products can be purchased from retailers from all over the world. Trading Standards says don’t get caught out by fake, useless and unsafe health and cosmetic products. Health products can only display

Positive Support

October 13, 2019

Local counselling and psychotherapy support: Jaspreet Tehara These websites also offer good advice: – increasing awareness and understanding of depression – resources about safe and positive use of the internet –

Better Driving Makes Better Roads

October 13, 2019

Speed limits are in place for a reason. Fast aggressive driving that involves lots of braking means you’ll potentially break the speed limit resulting in a fine and points on your licence. By slowing down

Can’t Put It Down

October 13, 2019

Do you recognise that constant temptation to check your social media and messages, wherever you are and whoever you are with. This techno-interference often has a negative effect on social interactions. Researchers at the University

Staying Sociable

October 13, 2019

Social media is great for social support – giving the sense of community that for many has improved well-being. Others have felt bullied and isolated, unworthy as they don’t conform to the perfect image. Whatever

Vegetable of the Edition

October 13, 2019

Courgettes – love them or hate them they are incredibly versatile and easy to work with. They’re ready for picking from July through to October. They don’t need peeling and can be used in sweet as

Royal Recognition for The Old Bath House Team

October 11, 2019

The Old Bath House and Community Centre team celebrated the Queens Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK. Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Francesca Skelton attended the open day

The Power of the Mind

October 7, 2019

Staying positive is often easier said than done, especially as the summer draws to an end and days get shorter and colder. Scientific evidence now supports the idea that the winter blues do exist. There

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