Could You Be an Al’s Pals?

February 3, 2020

Al’s Pals is an amazing new charity. It was created in memory of Alan Dumbell. Throughout his cancer treatment family and friends supported Alan, but he still felt lost and lonely at times. His daughter,

Chubby round the edges- no weigh to live!!

February 1, 2020

Our four-legged friends are as prone as us to adding a few extra pounds over Christmas. The extra treats and left-overs are too much to resist! Unfortunately, the additional weight can dramatically increase the number

How much do you “Trust” your partner?

January 23, 2020

Jennifer Duckett, Private Client Solicitor at Neves Solicitors, talks about setting up a Declaration of Trust. There are reportedly around 3.3 million cohabiting unmarried couples in England and Wales at the moment. Up until recently,

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