Audiences Wowed

Audiences were once again wowed by the choreography and performances from the teachers and young dancers at the Rosemary Lane School of Ballet.

Rosemary and her team stepped away from the classics of their last productions, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, to present ‘Isn’t That Something’, a collection of new imaginative works based on and inspired by poetry.


The production saw the more advanced students challenged to new heights in the classical ballet piece ‘Isn’t That Something’ and the beautiful pointe dance ‘Ebb and Flow’. They also introduced them to new styles in the contemporary piece ‘See Me’ and a stunning neo-classical work ‘Savage Beauty’.

New Creations

A new ballet was created for the younger members of the school. This magical ballet ‘Dream Within a Dream’ brought smiles and cheers from the audience as they entered the stage as dreamcatchers, stars, unicorns, garden and wish fairies, dragons, mermaids, princesses, puppets and party children. Leah Wyman danced with confidence and poise in her solo role as the little girl. The show finished in a blaze of colour and energetic exuberance as the students from Grade 1 upwards demonstrated various character styles culminating in the rhythmically challenging Tarantella.

Lasting Memories

The production was a special occasion for all of the students and for others it will have extra special memories. For many of the youngest children it was their very first performance, for three of the grade four students it was their debut pointe performance. For some it will be their last performance with the school as they move onto university and further adventures. The near perfect performances came after weeks of preparation and dedication by everyone involved and all students proved the reason behind their teachers’ dedication and desire for perfection.

Magnificent Performances

During the Friday and Saturday performances, it was an honour to watch past student Emilia Beattie as she presented an incredible performance of two of ballets greatest female variations. On the final performance the audience was treated to a beautiful solo performance from advanced student Alice Miller and a thrilling impromptu performance from Owen Lane, guest choreographer of the show’s Neo-Classical piece ‘Savage Beauty’ and international principal guest artiste.

Becoming Part of It

If ever you want to see what a wonderful hobby ballet and dance can be for local children, make sure you book for the next Rosemary Lane School of Ballet production.

Congratulations to Rosemary, Gemma, Owen and all at RLSB.

If you are interested in the school please visit or contact the school for details or to book a trial lesson by contacting Rosemary:

 07738 767475

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