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Select durable and repairable flooring that will stay in fashion longer. Sustainable and recycled natural materials like cork and bamboo are high on the list. Carpets and rugs bring colour and warmth, especially in the bedroom!

Karndean is a low maintenance, water and stain resistant option and tiles are replaceable – perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Wood or tile effect, different colours and styles are available. Find out more from CarpetWise.


Underfloor heating is a great way to heat your feet and house, although it can be expensive to install. It saves space, gets rid of ugly radiators and because it works at lower temperatures it could be cheaper to run. Install it under stone, tile, wood and carpet (if not too thick) but not under heavy furniture. Always check the manufacturer’s installation instructions with your fitter.

Choosing a Floor

If you don’t know where to start visit your local flooring shop to get more ideas and advice.

Looking for wood – here’s our guide.

1. Solid wood can be refinished repeatedly. A minimum of 4mm depth of top layer is advised for engineered wood. Solid wood can warp when in kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Go for more expensive and durable woods in the busier areas of your home.

3. Laminate, made from compressed fibreboard covered with a photographed image and a protective layer, is affordable, hardwearing and looks natural.

4. Most wood comes pre-finished with guarantees. Unfinished boards give flexibility of colour – paint, varnish or oil but think costs, time and mess!

5. Natural wood looks good throughout your home and office areas. Whites and pale shades show up dirt but are good in small spaces. Warm woods are good for larger spaces although less contemporary. Modern
darker shades will show off lighter furniture but can make a room look smaller.

6. Narrow boards are traditional, work better in bigger spaces and are usually cheaper. Longer wider boards tend to make spaces look bigger.

7. Pine is a cheaper option, scratches more quickly, and options to resand are limited.

8. Mop with a damp cloth and no soap. Oil according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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