Vegetable of the Edition

Beetroot is possibly one of the healthiest veggies out there and it’s in season! Chop, juice, make soup or bake it for the benefits:

1. Nutrients – anthocyanins and betacyanins may help to counter the effects of pollution and free radicals damaging your skin, as well as protecting against some types of cancer.

2. Immune system – beetroot fibre can increase your white blood cells to fight infection and disease.

3. Blood pressure – an average beetroot contains 20 times more dietary nitrates than any other vegetable. The body converts this to nitric oxide which improves blood flow, reducing blood pressure and protecting against osteoporosis.

4. Better blood flow – for better stamina and oxygen uptake during exercise as well as recovery.

5. Folic Acid – provides a natural source of folic acid, which prevents birth defects.

Easy to grow – sow from February right up to July for a succession of produce. They need well drained soil and a bit of compost. Make sure you thin them out and water well.

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