BucksStar Beer delicious, ethical and a winner

Since the outset, BucksStar Beer has committed to bringing a full range of delicious beersBucks Star Beer to the community in the most chemical free and ethical way possible.  When you try the beer you can taste the care and attention that has gone into the process. Bucks Star takes beer to the next level.

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to a beer tour and tasting experience at the BucksStar Beer brewery in Stonebridge, Milton Keynes. Datis Gol founded this fascinating microbrewery with his brother Daria assisting from the beginning.

Respect …

This small business has admirable ethical values as Datis is keen to reduce his impact on just about everything!  He operates a swap scheme, he doesn’t add unnecessary chemicals and solar is the power source for this incredible micro-brewery. Everything is about respect, little surprise that they are award winning.

Tasting good …

Although I would not describe myself as a connoisseur I do know a good beer when I taste it.  I’d also be the first to admit that some local beers have not quite been perfected to the same level as some of the global tried and tested varieties. This, however, is an example where a small brewer has perfected flavours that would challenge many of the bigger brands.  Bucks Star has such a good range of good flavours, about 6 or 7,  therefore I’m certain you’ll find at least one beer to suit your palate.

The flavours

If I am to be completely honest I have lost track of just how many I tasted! But, there was everything from a lager like beer to amber nectars and one of my favourites a darker Guinness (if I am allowed to compare and use the name!). My personal favourites were the lager style, a pale ale and of course the one I just named but won’t name again.

Unfiltered, unpasteurised and unfined

If all you want to do is drink, that’s fine! But, and it’s a big but, there are many of us who care about what we put in our bodies.

BucksStar Beer uses organic malt, no added sugars/syrups or CO2. It never filters, pasteurises or uses isinglass.  This essentially means that the brewer’s yeast remains alive in the beers with its minerals, vitamins and probiotic qualities.  No CO2 means is carbonates naturally inside the Growler vessels.  In addition without isinglass, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I love this.

Environmentally friendly

Our approach towards waste is very frustrating and recyling is not always the best solution. BucksStar has made a huge step in the right direction with their Growler Swap scheme which aims to reduce their environmental impact.  Recycle Now states that only 50% of glass bottles are currently recycled, this means that 200,000 tonnes end up in landfill. Recycling your beer bottles doesn’t really work.

Growler Swap is basically a swap scheme – not a refill scheme. The benefits of this are that every time you swap your vessel you will receive better quality and fresher beer.  The beer has a shelf life of about three months, if kept cool. I can’t confirm this as our Growler Swaps didn’t last that long!

I can tell you that we kept it and drank it over a couple of weeks and it tasted good everytime we opened the Growler.  Caps seal the Growlers to keep the beer fresh. There are also 2 sizes – 1 and 2 litres and you up and downgrade on sizes.

You can read more about the scheme a growlerswap.beer/growler-swap-explained/

Brewery tours

I’d definitely recommend the tour and tasting experience because it will give you such a fascinating insight into the local artisan drink scene. Datis’s talk about his journey was fascinating and completely honest. He accepted questions, some quite challenging and he was happy to say when he wasn’t 100% certain. 

They are generous in the beer tasting – you’ll try the core range as well as some collaborations. We were also lucky enough to try the Mead – possibly an acquired taste! There is a beer-judging competition which will test your taste buds and opportunity to buy your favourites beers.

This will make a great gift for Christmas or I have just checked and you could book onto the Christmas special on the 21 December. This is the booking link.


Make sure you book a taxi!

For more information

BucksStar Brewery
23 Twizel Close, Milton Keynes
MK13 0DX,






01908 590054



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