Counselling and Psychotherapy

Andrew Hill Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Counselling

Treatment for anxiety, depression, addictions, and substance abuse, OCD, relationship difficulties, self-harm, eating disorders and phobias. Low cost rates available.

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Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
Counselling Development

A respected and highly-qualified counsellor who successfully works with clients experiencing a wide range of issues, including anxiety. depression, stress, panic attacks, emotional distress, low self-esteem, relationship problems, work-related problems, grief, bereavement and loss, fear, anger, trauma, self-harm, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, suicidal thoughts and those struggling with life. Uses transitional time flexible relationship based approach to counselling / psychotherapy and can include CBT .

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Consulting Room at Action Physiotherapy
54B High Street (on Telegraph Walk)
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes
John Glanville Therapy and Motivation

Therapist specialist anxiety treatment, help for depression GAD, effective anxiety, stress and depression treatment.

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Lillingstone Lovell,
Lisa Sawbridge Counselling Services

Helping you to work through problems that you don’t know how to face or deal with. Trained counsellor who will listen, understand and not judge, making the path to understanding yourself easier and clearer.