Local Shopping goes Miles Further

September 4, 2019

Is organic better than non-organic? Little has changed with regards to the arguments about nutritional quality and risks from pesticides and fertilisers. Organic is often considered more sustainable as fewer chemicals are used and there’s

Vegetable of the Edition

September 4, 2019

Carrots are an amazing vegetable. You’ll benefit from an array minerals, vitamins and antioxidants contained within these roots. Think A, C, K and B8, potassium, iron and folate and more and you’ll find endless health benefits


August 22, 2019

Hilary, Lynda, Jane and Jo from Wolverton and Greenleys in Bloom continue their hard work and not just with planting 2000 white, shocking pink and lilac bedding plants for summer. They’ve cut back and replanted


August 22, 2019

July 9 is Britain in Bloom judging day and the area looks amazing thanks to hard-working volunteers. Planters and baskets were changed to the summer plants, including drought-resistant geraniums, in May and the final Community

Simply Transforming Gardens – Part 1

August 13, 2019

The RHS predicts that our gardens will be transformed to adapt to the changes in weather. There are likely to be more storms, periods of rain and drought as well as hotter temperatures. The changes

Our Secret Find

August 5, 2019

It’s five years since Marlin and Richard Armstrong fell in love with Potterspury House and the surrounding area. Their vision is almost complete and what a success they have made of it. Their adventure began

Documents for Driving in Europe

August 5, 2019

Brexit hasn’t happened yet, but if you are travelling overseas this summer, make sure you don’t forget anything. • Full driving licence. • Vehicle registration document (V5) The police may ask to see it if

Ageing Well – Part 1

July 30, 2019

Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura climbed Everest aged 80 years and Nola Ochs, from USA earned a Bachelor’s degree at 95, followed by a master’s at age 98. What more proof do you need that you

2nd Year Anniversary

July 29, 2019

Congratulations to Richard and Marlin Armstrong who are celebrating the second year since the opening of their restaurant – Potterspury House. The restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and is used by

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