Celebrating 10 years!

Congratulations to Stony in Bloom who during 2018 will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Their plans for this year and beyond are to maintain the same high standards they have reached during the last ten years. More volunteers are helping at their twice weekly work parties, which means less weeds.

Their partnership with the Business Association has meant a successful transition from the summer to winter planter changeover, with bright yellow winter pansies now keeping the streets cheerful. Future plans include a new colourful perennial bed in Fullers Slade.

All these plans need regular fundraising and at the end of summer, the High Street giveaway table saw generous donations as pelargoniums and begonias were rehomed.

Ticket sales and the raffle at the annual Calcutta Brasserie event made another £1000. These events will contribute hugely to the exciting ideas for a new bed and revamping existing ones.

SSIB have great links with the community – their winter shrubs rest over the summer at York House and they work hard with St Mary and St Giles School. Last year the school reached Level 4 in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, having shown evidence of a healthy eating project when vegetables grown at the school were used. For the award they also had to design a fund-raising project for gardening. Once again Lesley Corcoran and children from the school council organised this successful task.


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