Celebrating our Volunteers – Judy Deveson

At the heart of any successful community in Milton Keynes is a large group of volunteers who work hard to add value to people’s lives in a variety of ways.

One such group is the Stony In Bloom group, who do so much to make the environment of Stony Stratford such a welcoming one, gaining local, regional and national recognition in the process.

The chair of the group, Judy Deveson, is always careful to give grateful thanks and encouragement to every volunteer at all opportunities, in person or online. This means that everyone is valued, morale is high, and numbers are maintained and developed. Now is the time to thank her!

Judy personifies all the characteristics of a good chair, working tirelessly herself, encouraging others, playing to individual strengths and maintaining a determined optimism and creative thinking in the face of all challenges.

She exudes warmth, enthusiasm and a welcoming presence. She has boundless energy as evidenced by her tireless outreach work to nearby communities. She is a strong advocate of the therapeutic benefits of gardening and is keen to encourage people to form ‘In Bloom’ groups. Above all is her concern that Stony In Bloom endeavours should embrace everyone in the community.

This piece seeks to send thanks to her and others like her all over Milton Keynes who help to make our communities such good and improving places to live in.

If you’d like to find out more about the work that Stony in Bloom carry out:


Facebook: stonyinbloom

Stony Stratford In Bloom is entirely volunteer lead and all work is completed by volunteers. Local businesses contribute with sponsorship and in kind work. The team are committed to community involvement and have made tremendous links with the local schools, churches, youth groups and Futures group. The town is filled with floral displays and more all year round making it a town to be truly proud of. Thank you Stony in Bloom.

And finally…

Wolverton and Greenleys in Bloom and all the other smaller in bloom village groups also require a big mention. Thank you all for the fantastic work you do in making this area so beautiful and colourful. Long may it last.

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