Check Your Face Mask’s CE Mark, Take Advice from Trading Standards to Stay Safe

Face Mask  / Face Covering Stay Safe with a CE Mark

Wearing a face mask is now part of our daily routine but check your face mask’s CE Mark. According to health experts, they can reduce the risk of infection. However, did you know the law treats face masks and coverings differently?

What are they?

Face masks are designed to be personal protective equipment. This means they need to show a CE Mark to comply with the legal standards. Trading Standards is aware that some products are being sold with an illegally applied CE Mark. Obviously, we need to make sure we always buy from a reputable seller.

CE Marking Checks

Incredibly, Trading Standards is also seeing masks carrying a KN95 Mark or a Chinese Standard number GB2626. It’s disappointing news, as these marks do not provide confirmation of independent testing. Because of this, they should not be on sale in the United Kingdom. A retailer selling them risks committing a criminal offence.


Face coverings include a scarf wrapped around your face or a purpose-made face covering. Not only that, but we are also now seeing many High Street fashion retailers are introducing some great options to their ranges. Remember to check the face mask’s CE Mark before you buy.

If you make face coverings to sell, follow the Government’s guidance. At the present time, these guidelines will ensure you comply with the General Product Safety Regulations Guidance-for-businesses-and-individuals-face- coverings-version-3.pdf

Face coverings must also be safe for consumers, follow this guidance how-to-wear-and-make-a-cloth-face-covering

Report if It’s not What it Seems
Trading Standards Face Coverings

In essence, report any face mask you’ve received that you believe could be fake or if it doesn’t have a CE mark on it. Don’t forget, you might not get the protection you believe you are getting if it is a fake.

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Claire Kendall, Trading Standards, Milton Keynes

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