Children’s Christmas Drawing Competition

This year, the judges chose four young artists who were awarded 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd prizes. In my opinion, every young person who entered a picture is a winner.  Our winners for 2018 are:

  • Isabel, aged 8 First Place
  • Megan, aged 111/2 Second Place
  • Lucas, aged 10 and Nyah aged 8 Joint Third Place

Take a look at their fabulous pictures here.

Artists in Residence

As a little twist to our lovely competition, this year we decided to invite our four winners to become our Artists in Residence’.  This means they will provide us with some more of their fantastic pictures throughout the year. We will publish them in the magazine as well as on Facebook. Please show these young people some support by giving them a like or two!

Facebook Advent

Once again, our Facebook advent will reveal one or two of the pictures from the Children’s Christmas Drawing Competition every day in the lead up to Christmas Day. The last three days will be saved for our winning pictures.  Look out for the each one and again please like them and tell these young people about how great you think their works of art are.

Celebrating Young People

Please also remember that in every magazine we celebrate local young people. In our next edition we will be celebrating our four young Children’s Christmas Drawing Competition artists. If you know someone we should be celebrating please let me know. Whatever your achievement is we want to know and we want to share it.  You might perceive it to be nothing but to us every achievement is worth celebrating – whether it is writing your name for the first time or climbing a mountain.      

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