Could You Be an Al’s Pals?

Suzanne and Dad - could you be an Al's Pals?

Al’s Pals is an amazing new charity. It was created in memory of Alan Dumbell.

Throughout his cancer treatment family and friends supported Alan, but he still felt lost and lonely at times. His daughter, Suzanne has brought his idea of a ‘buddy’ to support and help cancer sufferers to life with Al’s Pals. Macmillan Cancer Support and MKUH are supporting the scheme. Suzanne is now looking for volunteers to spare a few hours a week to give support, companionship, empathy and a listening ear to people going through cancer treatments.

Could you:
  • sit with a person while they receive treatment
  • regularly visit and help on the ward
  • find relevant services to help the person and their family
  • treat the person as an individual by talking about everyday things.
  • talk to the professionals, if the person is too upset
  • chat on the phone?
Al's Pals, Milton Keynes

The charity is based at the New Cancer Centre at Milton Keynes Hospital. So could you be an Al’s Pals?

To find out more:

Al’s Pals

07745 601047

Story to Share?

If you have a story to share that could be of benefit to the local community we’d love to hear about it. It could be a shout out for volunteers or to let the local community know how they can access your group or service. Perhaps you are raising funds for a group or a service and you’d like a bit of support from local residents.

If you are a not-for-profit or charitable group that does not generate an income we will consider printing your story without a charge. We offer reduced rates to charitable groups that generate an income and have a dedicated paid employees. To find out more call us or email with a brief outline telling us more about what you are doing.

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