Cranley Barn and Farm Quality Food the Natural Way

Food savvy shoppers will love Cranley Barn Farm and Shop. It embraces environmentally sustainable food production by selling cuts of lamb and pork that are produced on the farm. You’ll also find eggs, honey, pies and more.

Owners Mary and Tom Edmondson are truly inspirational farmers. They use regenerative agriculture in their arable production methods to maintain the health and fertility of their soil. They’ve chosen diverse mixes of cover crops, add muck from their pigs and grazed native cattle to replenish the precious nutrients and maintain the natural balance. Significantly, this removes the need to plough or use manufactured chemicals. It also attracts insects, birds and mammals that then pollinate flowers and eat crop destroying pests.

Cranley Barn Farm Food produced the natural way

Their passion and care shows in all that they do – from raising the outdoor bred pigs to the chicken’s freedom to range. They recently introduced native cattle to complement their approach.

Discover the tasty and thoughtfully produced produce at Cranley Barn Farm and Shop – lamb and pork joints and chops, pork sausages, bacon and black pudding. All prepared and frozen by a local butcher without adding anything that isn’t necessary. Add their honey, eggs and pies to your basket and you’ll soon being eating better!

environmentally sustainable food production

Their ethos is consistent – passion and care in production, sustainable and truly local.

Cranley Barn Farm and Shop, Buckingham Road, Wicken, MK19 6DD
07967 814842

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