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Lock-down proved to be a busy time for many local entrepreneurs. Helen Clarke was one of them and she is now the proud owner of local shop The Crone’s Cabin based in Stony Stratford.

Having just got going, Helen is now working through another lock-down. We’re happy to report that she remains undeterred. This ingenious shop-owner is finding other ways to let locals know about the fantastic gifts you can buy for Christmas – from her.

While some of her products are niche, the many and varied others will suit most households. Prices are also appealing as Helen finds things to suit all budgets.

We love the quirky bat and cat umbrellas to keep the rain off and no doubt, they’ll attract one or two amusing smiles! There is a good range of necklaces from casual to delicate, beaded and silverware. And, the window crystals will definitely bring a welcome glow to homes through winter and spring.

If incense sticks are more your thing, Helen also has those along with some lovely candles too. Yes, you’ll find fun mugs and plaques as well as books. What’s not to love?

Crone's Cabin Jewellery

Helen’s Story

Her story begins in 2019 when she started selling tarot cards, pendulums, incense and books at local psychic fairs. She loved meeting people and discussing her wares so much that she decided to open her own shop. The other benefit was that she is now able to offer a greater range of products. It’s also means that she has her home back too!

When a room became available to rent in Stony Stratford she decided to take the plunge and set up. Shockingly, two days after she signed her lease the government confirmed lockdown. Despite the risks, she decided to continue and fulfill her plans.

Official Opening

The official opening took place on the 22nd June. Social distancing prevented a big opening celebration and the first few days and even weeks were slow. At first, only one customer was allowed in at a time. Gradually custom is building along with the stock. Once lockdown ends make sure you visit her!

And Finally
Advert for the Crone's Cabin explaining what they sell and where they are

Ultimately, Helen is looking forward to the day when she can move into premises on the High Street where she can show off her lovely products in the window.

Get In Touch

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