Teeth whitening for your Wedding Day

Will give you the confidence to smile at everyone, into every camera and at each other when you say ‘I do!’

Da Vinci Dental Clinic  – “giving you something extra to smile about!”

When You’re Smiling…

It’s true, a bright, sunny smile is irresistible! If someone beams a huge, warm smile at you – it makes you feel special and you are immediately drawn to them.

For your wedding day: you will make many special plans with family and friends for your special occasion! But a top priority will be that you all want to look your best for the big day because more photographs are taken of you during that one day than over the rest of your lifetime. No pressure there then!

To have beautiful, white teeth to greet everyone with is essential, so you need to organise teeth whitening. So here’s the countdown to that perfect smile or your perfect day!

Planning –Allow several months prior to the wedding for whitening work to be effective. Our guide to your oral care is listed below:

1. Consultation: Book a FREE consultation with Da Vinci Dental Clinic to see where improvement is needed.

2. Cleaning: Da Vinci Dental Clinic will book you in with the hygienist for an initial cleaning.

3. Whitening: Da Vinci will have assessed which teeth need what level of whitening and fixing and will start work on them.

4. Oral Health: Advice on how to take extra care of your mouth.

5. Food: Da Vinci will recommend foods to eat to help teeth.

6. Toothpaste: Da Vinci suggest you use a less abrasive toothpaste.

7. Mouthwash: Da Vinci suggest that using a good quality mouthwash liquid can prove valuable during treatment.

8. Drink: Red wine, tea, coffee, blackcurrant all stain teeth, so if you can’t avoid them, drink through a bendy straw to reduce exposure.


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