Documents for Driving in Europe

Brexit hasn’t happened yet, but if you are travelling overseas this summer, make sure you don’t forget anything.

• Full driving licence.

• Vehicle registration document (V5) The police may ask to see it if you are stopped.

• Motor insurance documents.

• Breakdown cover is not a legal requirement but can cost thousands
if you break-down without it. Look for roadside assistance, recovery, vehicle hire, accommodation for you and your passengers and repatriation.

• Authorisation letter if it’s a company car.

• A GB sticker is compulsory unless included on your number plate. Risk a fine without it.

• Vehicle Emissions Sticker (anti- pollution) for travel in Paris, Lyon or Grenobles, France. It costs €4.41 including postage and will take 30 days to arrive, expect a €68 fine without it.

• Pay motorway tolls with cash or card (maestro or electron is not accepted) or use the automatic toll payment with automatic.

Service your car and check the water, oil, coolant levels, tyre pressure and tread before you leave.

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