Don’t be Surprised by Costs of the Gift

Think beyond Christmas cuddles before taking on a new puppy or kitten. There is more to it:


It’s £70-90 to get a puppy or kitten fully covered. They’ll need 2 vaccinations, a month apart, puppies from 8 weeks and 9 weeks for a kitten. It’s then a yearly jab when the vet will check for other issues. They keep preventable diseases at bay.


£40 – £60 will cover a puppy or kitten through to maturity. Young animals have poor immunity to worms and some species are transmitted through the mother’s milk, a clean house and garden doesn’t guarantee a worm free pup.


Budget for £10 per month to kill fleas on your pet. They can contaminate a house quickly if left unchecked.


Only £15 for a microchip – get it done. Breeders should microchip puppies before re- homing.


Kittens from 4 months and dogs from 6 months. Budget £100-400 for larger dogs.


Gum disease is serious. If it looks bad or smells, it’s probably causing problems.

Puppy classes

Teach your dog to learn good ways to interact with the family by learning how to interact with him.


Read the small print to understand what your policy covers – are diseases or issues covered beyond one year from the first diagnosis. For specific breeds read the fine print about conditions these breeds are not covered for.

For more information 

Speak to The Vet Centre

Cherry Lane, 8 Watling Street, Potterspury, Towcester, NN12 7QN

01908 542155

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