Don’t Take the Risk with Food

The great British summertime brings events attracting thousands of people as well as smaller community events.

You will find plentiful supplies of food and drink at these events, but what do you know about the people selling your snacks? The law says that whether or not you buy food from a catering van or from a charity bake sale, the food supplied to you must be safe to eat and comply with EU food law.

If you are at an event all catering vans and food operators selling, cooking, storing or handling, preparing or distributing food will have to be registered with the Council. They are obliged to make food allergy information available and if you or a friend suffers from a food allergy they should be able to give you the information you need.

If you are attending a community or charity event, where the food has been provided on a small scale, the supplier of that food may not need to be registered as a food premises. There may be no requirement on them to provide allergy information, although the Food Standards Agency suggest that this is best practice.

If you are attending an event this summer – don’t take any chances, ask about allergens.

If you do have any issues you should report them to Trading Standards by calling 03454 040506.

Claire Kendall, Trading Standards, Milton Keynes

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