Christmas Drawing Competition


Get your drawings to Happy Bodies Gym, Old Stratford or Back to the Fuschia, Timor Court, Stony Stratford by:

5pm, 1 December, 2020


Welcome to our annual children’s Christmas drawing competition.

Every year, we invite local children to draw a picture for the Annual Children’s Christmas Drawing Competition. This year we had an incredible number of entries. Choosing, as you can imagine, is incredibly difficult as the pictures are always amazing.

The fabulous pictures represent children’s ideas about Christmas. Although it is very hard to choose, we feature 4 pictures on the cover of our November-December magazine.

This Year is Different

This is year, we have decided to extend or rather run a second competition. All children can send in a picture to:

  • Happy Bodies Gym, Old Stratford
  • Back to the Fuchsia Flower Shop in Timor Court.

Closing Date – this was going to be 20 November but with the latest restrictions, we’re giving you until 1 December! This gives our fabulous young artists even more time to design and send in pictures. We can’t wait to see them!

No-one misses out though, we display every picture in the Annual Children’s Drawing Competition Exhibition. This usually takes place at Stony Stratford Library but this year, due to the pandemic things are a little different.

Before the pictures go on display, we carefully mount them on a backing card, adding the child’s name and age.

This year, Happy Bodies Gym kindly stepped in to allow us to have an exhibition there. This was planned to start from 25 November, however, we have put the date back due to the latest restrictions. We hope it may happen during December and we’ll keep you informed.

Along with the exhibition, we’ve decided to include a public vote. This is where you can have one vote to vote for you favourite pictures. We’ll announce the winning pictures in time for Christmas.

We’re giving everyone who goes along to the exhibition a bag filled with information, offers and goodies from local businesses. Please look through and help us to support all things local.

Social Media

While you’ll love it or hate it, social media has its place and this is one of them. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with a daily advent of pictures. Of course, we always give a little feedback too. Please read, comment and share our advent posts. We’d love to encourage these fantastic youngsters to be as creative as ever. Our Facebook Page can be found at Essentially Local

Thank-you to:

The Stony Sweet Shop, 75 High St MK11 1AY TheStonySweetShop

Happy Bodies Gym, Towcester Road, Old Stratford, HappyBodies

Back the Fuchsia, Timor Court, Stony Stratford, BacktotheFuchsia

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