Exercise as You Get Older

Have you noticed that as you age, your knees maybe ache as you stand up and getting going takes a little longer? As for recovery what happened to the time when you could have a night out, get up the next day and play a game of football?

Research shows that your health, independence and well-being improve with activity. It’s never too late to drop that sedentary lifestyle. Local resident, Brian Hird, Happy Bodies Health and Wellbeing member proved that when he ran his first half marathon in his 80s.

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week and the options to achieve that are endless. Put it into perspective that’s only 30 minutes five times a week – the same amount of time as sitting in front of your favourite soap opera! Your daily chores don’t count.

Happy Bodies Health and Wellbeing or intu MK Green Gym both offer support and friendship to achieve your active goals. Groups and businesses like this will make sure you do the right amount of activity in the right way and they help to build friendships.

Not keen on exercise? Make it easier:

1. Listen to music

2. Do it with friends

3. Join a gym or club

4. Set a goal and book an event

5. Raise money for a charity

Getting Stronger

Pilates helps to strengthen your body, improves posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. It also helps to reduce stress and tension. As Pilates is a low-impact exercise it’s unlikely that you will get injured but if you have injuries check with your GP or physiotherapist if you have any worries.

Massages Work Wonders

Massage therapy isn’t just a stress reliever, luxury or for an athlete. It has lots of health benefits particularly if your mobility has reduced. While not a cure for problems it can boost the immune system and encourage fluids to move around the body. The soft tissues get a good stretch which helps with stiffness and movement and this can improve balance. It also helps to manage pain. Your local physiotherapist can offer a wider range of treatments

Action Physio  01908 968430 // actionphysiotherapy.co.uk
Clive Heayns  01908 565444 // cliveheayns.com
Dizzy Ears  0330 133 0618 // dizzyears.co.uk
DW Roberts  Stony: 01908 562355  Wolverton: 01908 313338
Happy Bodies Fitness Centre  01908 477066 // happybodies.co.uk
Karate & Kickboxing  07910 154 499 // karatemk.co.uk
Lisa Wiles Pilates  07729 608960
Massage in Mind  01908 968430 // massageinmind.me
Intu Green Gym  07740 899633 // tcv.org.uk
Samantha Costello  07704 732388

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