Feed Your Lawn

A little TLC will keep your lawn looking lush and green while keeping pests, disease and moss at bay.

TLC means regular mowing, reseeding damaged areas and feeding your lawn to prevent weeds, moss and keeps blades healthy. When mowing keep your blades sharp and reseed with the correct seeds for the conditions. Ryegrass works better in heavily used areas and shade tolerant seeds are better where there are lots of trees. If you feed it yourself follow the manufacturer’s instructions for quantities and time of year for application.

Moss may be a sign of a damp, poorly drained and compacted soil. It could also be due to infertile or acidic soil as well as shade. Scarifying machines or rakes can remove it but it is hard work!

Watering over the summer isn’t normally necessary as a drop of rain will restore it. During dry times, spike hard ground with a fork to help water penetration. You will only need to water once every 7-10 days.

If laying a new lawn, don’t use it for at least the first week and then only use it lightly for the first season. Water but don’t overwater.

Call in the Professionals

An easier, more effective and cost-effective way of keeping your lawn looking good is to use services like All Green Lawns or Green Thumb. These companies have access to more specialist products and equipment and they do the hard work!

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