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Know your fences with Linnell Brothers is our guide to helping you to make the right choice of fence. Get this expensive addition to your garden right the first time and avoid unnecessary frustrations and costs.  You must consider your budget, the look you want and of course the level of privacy and security you need.

Consider exactly what your garden needs before you buy!


Fencing Panel Choices


The names are interchangeable Featherboard/Closeboard.  This is the most traditional and popular form of fencing as it is cost effective. In addition, the panels are long lasting, reliable and provide a solid boundary choice for privacy. They are also flexible to undulations / obstructions. Featheredge fencing is built onsite from a variety of different components.


Again with interchangeable names – overlap and larch lap. These are the cheapest option for tight budgets. They are best used in sheltered gardens and will give privacy as well as offer a good backdrop for plants.

Specialist/European panels

These are more expensive panels and are attractive with intricate panels.

Trellis /lattice

Both trellis or its alternative name lattice may be one of the most decorative fence options. Use your trellis in a variety of situations to create a decorative appearance either against buildings or as a free-standing panel for climbing plants.

The brown square trellis is cheapest with ornamental green diamond trellis pricier, although both choices are suited to climbing plants.



Use hurdles, made from woven willow or hazel, to create an effective screen or wind break. They offer an attractive, natural look as an alternative to panels in sheltered gardens.



Picket Panels & Fencing

This attractive form of fencing is usually found at the front of a house and should be considered where light is a priority over privacy. As it is difficult to climb it makes a good enclosure for pets/ children. Don’t forget the matching gate!



Post & Rail

Post and Rail fencing is good for rural locations, agriculture and equestrian purposes. Choose post and rail if your gardens is fairly generous in size as you can use it to mark boundaries.

Fencing Tips

Pressure treated timber

Brown more expensive than green (due to added dye) but green is more, fading to soft brown with age.

The preservative that is drawn deep into the grain makes pressure treated timber more resistant to weathering. You can improve appearance as it ages by applying treatment.

Dip treated fencing

This is cheaper and requires regular maintenance


Linnell Bros Choice

Featheredge fencing

Pressure treated on-site, most durable, cost-effective form of fencing, giving superior longevity as well as privacy and security.


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