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The hot dry summer has left most of our lawns in need of a little TLC.  Lawns usually begin to recover after some consistent rain but GreenThumb lawn treatments can speed the process up.

Thatch is a common problem from the summer heat. There are two types:

Surface Thatch 

A matted layer that builds up over a season or years.  It consists of living and dead organic matter found between the grass plant leaf and the top of the soil surface.  When this becomes excessive it creates an ideal environment for disease and particularly moss.  As it prevents nutrients and water from reaching to the root system moss grows even more easily.

Sub-surface Thatch

A dense matted thatch layer typically found between the base of the grass plant and the top of the soil line. It acts as a barrier between the grass leaf and the soil. Sub surface thatch can devastate lawn as it causes it to dry out very quickly and susceptible to moss invasion and disease.

At this time of year, there are two mechanical treatments that you should consider:


This helps to remove surface thatch from a lawn and allow oxygen, nutrients and moisture to get to the necessary part of the lawn root zone. As the thatch is reduced air movement is improved leading to less moss and an improved lawn treatment take-up. This should result in a healthier lawn for the following year. 

Hollow-Tine Aeration

This is the most effective way of reducing sub-surface thatch and compaction in lawns. Compaction is where soil particles are pressed together. Local soils tend to be predominantly clay with very small particles which makes it easier for them to become compacted. Hollow Tine Aeration takes out hundreds/thousands of cores from the lawn providing these benefits:

  • Thins out sub-surface thatch
  • Relives compaction in the soil
  • Promotes root development
  • Reduces moss loving environment.
  • Improved drainage
  • Improves microbial activity and root respiration   

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