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Happy Bodies Stephanie Smart

Before Christmas Happy Bodies Fitness Centre ran a competition to help one local person achieve a 2020 goal. This January, they were happy to announce Stephanie Smart was their winning entrant.

Of course, winning the competition was a real turning point for Stephanie and she knew it would help her to keep her focus. Her package means she won a full year of gym membership and personal training. Clearly, Stephanie was excited to win the prize. She desperately wanted to start her fitness programme at Happy Bodies Fitness Centre. Two months in and her motivation and commitment remain high.

After years of unsuccessful attempts at dieting to lose weight, this 28-year-old settled on the mantra “I’m over-weight and it’s okay.” In fact, the reality is that it wasn’t okay, Stephanie was unhappy, not that healthy and very unfit.

The competition timing was perfect and Stephanie is finding Happy Bodies is very welcoming and as a smaller gym it’s less intimidating. She’s nervous but going it alone is not an option for her success – she loves the support that’s helping her to build self-belief and a can-do attitude.

The journey won’t be easy, but she’s embracing re-education and changes in her attitude to food and exercise. The rewards will overcome everything and we are looking forward to sharing her progress with you. Good Luck Stephanie!

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