About us

We started Essentially Local over 14-years ago. That makes it probably one of, if not the longest-running magazines in the area it serves.  I am actually very proud to say that!

Our first aim was to connect residents and business owners with local businesses, services as well as events.  We are told by advertisers and readers that’s what we do and of course, we thrive on the positive feedback we receive.  Ultimately, we aim to be the go-to magazine of choice!

We are a respected source of local information and a great way to find a business or service.  We offer:

• an up-to-date directory of local businesses

• some useful and interesting information

• regular features

• puzzles for our younger readers

• and a competition sponsored by a local business

The website

Our website is an extension of the magazine and more:

  • Advertise – that what you can advertise, how much it will cost
  • Us – find out who we are and what we do
  • Flick – through past editions to see what the magazine includes and how it’s developed
  • Read – articles, advice notices and my views
  • Directory – find a business on our online directory
  • Event – find an event in our calendar

Thousands of residents rely on Essentially Local as a source to find all things local and most keep it as a useful reference guide.  Become part of the essentially local community  – read our information, find local businesses and go to the events.

There are plenty of reasons to shop locally other than simply supporting your local community.  According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) if you spend with a small local firm it can double the money going back into the local economy. So, remember whatever you do join the community and keep your business Essentially Local.

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