Homemade Fudge – What’s Not to Love?

What’s not to love about locally produced produce and homemade fudge? Especially when we know we are supporting local business and the product is kind to the environment.  You’ll often find us hunting out new as well as established producers and testing their delicious goodies. Of course, we’ll then let you know what we think!

In this article, I was lucky enough to try Nicky Kenny’s Fudge. Let me know what if you agree with my verdict

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Nicky Kenny’s Homemade Fudge
Picture of Nicky Kenny's homemade creamy vanilla Fudge. Shows packaging and ingredients label too.

Nicky Kenny produces a great range of homemade food produce. This homemade fudge is just one of her many goodies. She also bakes and her wild garlic pesto is a favourite for many.

Nicky’s fudge makes a great gift if you are looking for a sweet treat in and around MK.

The Product

  • Homemade vanilla fudge
  • Different flavours of fudge are also on offer 

The Verdict

I decided to try the vanilla fudge – a classic and traditional fudge for any sweet-toothed fudge lover.

The soft yet firm texture of homemade traditional fudge was delightful. It was creamy and thick with a slight touch of vanilla. Perfect for a treat every now and then. I, of course, ate the full bag within the hour. 

The fudge pieces were sweet and perfectly balanced between soft and hard fudge. My tongue lapped up the flavour and wanted more. The firm chunks melted away as soon as they reached my mouth leaving me with that creamy vanilla flavour.

I would certainly recommend it and will be back to try the full range of flavours.


Nicky wraps her fudge in pretty paper bags, which makes them great for a gift or if you need a sugar rush! Environmentally conscious readers will be pleased that there is minimal packaging. The bags are also easily recycled. Always a plus in our book. Nicky places a clear label on the front of the fudge bag showing all ingredients, just in case of allergies.

I always like to gift fudge to friends and family and they have the perfect ‘already gift-wrapped’ packaging. 

Where to Buy

She sells online but best of all she sells at Milton Keynes Community Farmer’s Market between 9am-1pm, on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month and special markets.

Get in Touch

Twitter: Nicky Kenny@nickykennyfudge

Milton Keynes Community Market

The market traders sell locally produced traditional and modern crafts at the market. This includes food products like home-baking, eggs, honey, jams and preserves. In addition, you can purchase homemade crafts that include jewellery (from semi-precious gems to intricate beadwork), cards for every occasion, knitted goods (plus made-to-order service), handwoven willow baskets. Along with these you’ll also find flowers and plants.

Milton Keynes Country Market developed from the Women’s Institute Market. The WI market began selling produce in Wolverton in September 1982.  Today, the Market is a co-operative of producers (men and women) from MK and the surrounding area. It welcomes new members and is a friendly and supportive environment. You can become a member for just 5p and then sell at the markets. The market keeps 10% of sales to cover overheads, this means if you don’t sell anything, there’s no fee. All members can bring their wares and the organisers asked them to help set-up and serve etc. The Market also runs stalls at other events, and welcomes all enquiries. 

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