I Keep Forgetting

Dementia covers Alzheimer’s Disease, vascular dementia, Lewy Bodies and Frontotemporal dementia. 

Each person’s experience of dementia is unique but when cognitive impairment significantly affects your daily life, seek help. Depression, chest or urinary tract infections, constipation, vitamin or thyroid deficiencies could cause memory problems and confusion.

Symptoms of dementia include:

• Emotions – mood and behaviour changes, depression and anxiety

• Visiospacial skills – problems judging speeds and distances

• Cognitive skills – difficulty concentrating, planning and organising

• Memory – forgetting appointments, events and recent conversations, familiar places. Also losing track of time

• Communication – struggling to keep up with conversations, word/ name finding

• Other – sleep problems, delusions and hallucinations, cravings foods.

Some medications can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s but there is no cure. Keeping as physically, mentally and emotionally active as possible is thought to help.

Help and support

Speak to your GP to find the cause of your memory problems.

Alzheimer’s Society – National Dementia Helpline: 0300 222 11 22

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