Interview with Victoria Sandwich

ARTea Room offers one of the finest selection of home-made cakes in the area.

The Victoria Sandwich, with its royal connections, has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular cakes.

Victoria, why did Queen Victoria give you your name?

Well, our dear queen was not allowed to eat sweet foods but once on the throne, she’d munch her way through sponges, biscuits, wafers… Of course, I was always her favourite.

How do you always look so good?

Im made with the nest ingredients: our, sugar, butter and egg, with no unnecessary extras. I mean look at me – I’ve a light and fluffy consistency and I’m sandwiched with raspberry jam and James pops in a generous spread of butter cream. Commoners use strawberry jam, but really? A ne dusting of caster sugar over my top makes me look rather regal.

How do you spend your day?

I’m a model cake, sitting on the counter at ARTea Room surrounded by the lesser cakes; they don’t realise my importance. I’m such a quintessentially English teatime treat and everyone loves me.

You are very friendly.

Oh my goodness darling, have you ever met a Victoria sponge you didn’t like? James takes extra care of me as I am such a popular cake. Have you tried me?

Did you know Victoria Sandwich has royal connections?

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