A win/win investment solution for you and your family

If you want to invest for your children there are two simple solutions available that allow you to build up a significant tax-free sum for them for when they are older, as well as reduce your own taxes now.

#1 – Junior ISA (JISA)

Like a normal adult ISA there is an annual maximum allowance that you can pay into a Junior ISA (£4,260 for the 2018/19 tax year) and money inside a Junior ISA grows tax-free.

#2 – Junior Self Invested Personal Pension (JSIPP)

If you would prefer that your children or grandchildren have to wait longer to access the money you invest for them then you could pay into a Junior SIPP.

Providing the child is under 18 you can set up a Junior SIPP and pay in up to £2,880 per annum. The beauty of this is that the government will pay in an extra 20% in the form of tax relief so your payment gets topped up to £3,600.

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