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When I initially set out to complete Land’s End to John O’Groats by bike I didn’t want ask people for sponsorship money. It was our friends Bob and Sue who persuaded me and in fact helped me in choosing Cancer Research. I decided to opt for a national and a local charity – local because I love to support local!

Cancer Research

I’m supporting Cancer Research because it has touched my family and friends and continues to do so. The statistics suggest as many as 1 in 2 people are affected  by cancer.  Our hospices offer incredible support but wouldn’t it be good if fewer people had to use them?  Research may never find a cure for every cancer but it may help to alleviate some of the pain and suffering.  Statistically cancer survival is improving but let’s not forget cancer does not discriminate.

York House Centre

I’m also supporting York House Centre for many reasons – the Lantern Parade being one of them!  The staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to make this a hub of the community – a place that almost anyone can use. It brings words, music, horticulture (thanks to Branch-Out MK) dance, theatre, art, social support and more.  All age groups can use it and it’s affordable.  Ken Daniels first put the idea into my head when I mentioned the ride over coffee.  Suddenly between  Jill Hawkins, another trustee, and Fiona Trinder, the manager, the local giving page was set up! I love this project because it is about getting people outside and making the outside area of York House accessible to all.

I hope between my cycling and your giving we can make this happen.  Thank you for the support you are all giving me locally it makes such a difference to my motivation. I am almost as terrified of not hitting the targets as I am actually doing the ride!


I’m not the best at asking people for money or help and I’m told my targets are low.  If you say to me “I’ll sponsor you” and I reply “Oh don’t worry about sponsoring me” please feel free to tell me not to be silly and ask how to do it. I am trying to change my attitude and confidence in accepting your money!

This change in attitude was, in part, following a good talking to about what my targets and awareness raising plan. Thank you Vince Gauci,  hopefully you will see I rethought my ideas! Vince told me about a man who ran from John O’Groats to Land’s End and raised about £400ish for World Cancer while he managed to raise £1000s for being quite blatant about asking for sponsorship.

My target of £500 for each charity works out at about £1 a mile for my efforts – put that way it really doesn’t sound much!!

Between us could we persuade at least 250 people to give £10? That would raise a spectacular £2,500 – wouldn’t that be amazing?

Sponsorship – How to give:

Collecting tins and sponsor forms can be found at these locations :

Lyn at Elanele

Ceri at Twenty3c 

The Old Talbot, Potterspury

You’ll also find sponsorship forms and links to giving pages at St Lawrence and St Nicholas Church, Potterspury (big thank you there!)

Spot me around town or out on my bike and you can also sponsor me!

Go on-line sponsor me here:

Cancer Research – Because it funds life-saving research and aims to bring forward the day when all cancers can be cured. 

York House Centre – The aim of “Outside is for Everyone!’ is to make York House Centre’s outside spaces fully accessible for all users and to encourage activities, including sports.

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