Keep Moving, Forget the Diet

It’s our health and wellbeing week and to help get you motivated BEFORE the parties, indulgent food and drinks read on.

Prevent yourself from piling on the pounds with the culinary excesses of the festive Keep moving and motivated with Essentially Localseason by finding time to commit to a new routine before Christmas.

The British Dietetic Association advises moderation to keep weight at the right level. That may mean an adjustment to your lifestyle, calorie intake and the way you think.

Stick to regular meals times, reduced portion sizes, takeaways and sweet treats – often too tempting. Increased activity levels will make it easier to stay motivated as your energy levels, outlook and mood will improve.

You do have time. Swap the car for walking or cycling to work or the shops at least 3 times a week. Mix your exercise and encourage a friend to join you.

It’s not always easy to stay motivated when your friends and colleagues don’t bother, therefore we recommend finding a community to keep you focussed.  Happy Bodies Health and Well-being in Old Stratford really helped me when I was preparing for my epic bike journey this year.

Need some help to stay motivated?

Happy Bodies

Unit 2, Furtho Court, Old Stratford, MK19 6AN

01908 477066

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