Lawnmower, not cutting like it should ..

If your reliable old lawn mower suddenly decides to stop cutting as well as it should, or sounds a little strange, if it starts at all, do you replace or repair?

Your decision should depend the age of the machine and the cost of repair. Also consider if your lawn has changed in size or shape and your physical abilities.

Some problems are relatively easy to fix while others may not be worth the expense. Fuses are one of the most common problems in electric machines while spark plugs and air filters cause many problems for petrol ones. The manual will help with trouble- shooting but don’t attempt a repair when you don’t know what you are doing.

Like any machine good maintenance with regular checks is essential for longevity:

Electrics – check for frayed cables, clean connecting pins on batteries.

Storage batteries degrade and stop holding charge in extreme temperatures.

Component checks – keep spark plugs, ventilation slots and blades clean. Check for general wear and change oil on your petrol mower every year.

Professional Advice

Still not sure what to do, then for professional advice, repairs or new machines speak to

Paul Riley at Riley Power Tools,

Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Potterspury,

01908 542226

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