Land’s End to John O’Groats Here I come

It’s Happening

Six months ago I decided to take on this incredible challenge. While staying with my parents I was out on a quick bike ride and realised how much I missed simply cycling to enjoy it.

Out on a training ride with Chrisie

So my challenge is to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats on my own, staying in campsites along the way. I have 2 hotel stops where there are no campsites. I will be cycling everyday without break for 13 days, excluding the cycling to and from the train stations. I will be carrying all my kit without a back-up team.  I’m taking a train to Penzance and I will be returning most of the way by train too.


I’m doing this for me but I am also doing this to raise money for Cancer Research and York House Centre, Stony Stratford. More about that later.

When it all Started

I have always cycled – my grandfather recycled what I call my first proper bike, it was blue with big wheels and I was about 8.  I took my cycle proficiency badge on it and loved it.  As a student in London I cycled, long before the dangers cyclists in London experience these days.  I’ve cycled in India, Singapore and Australia, Germany, Belgium, France and through lots of the England as well as a bit of Scotland.

After travelling, my husband returned to university, we bought bikes and put the tent and sleeping bags on the backs to have an affordable holiday!  In those days, we were a bit of a rarity and people loved to see us, especially when we cycled over the northern hills of the Pennines and Cumbria. We found some amazing hidden gems and met people who were fascinated by our madness! On our cycling travels we’ve had the opportunity to meet people you’d never see in your day-to-day life.

Different this Time

This time it is going to be a very different experience, with children, my husband can’t come with me. If I am totally honest with myself I would prefer him to be there because it does in so many ways make this a much easier challenge – company and help when things get difficult.  For the last few weeks as each stage of plan comes to fruition my butterflies move around even more erratically than ever – nerves I think! However, I want to do this and it will be an incredible mental and physical challenge.

Sponsor Me Please

I’d love you to show me a bit of support by sponsoring me –

£950 would be approximately £1 a mile – that doesn’t seem much but I need your help to rally friends and business colleagues to inspire me to keep going when things get tough.

Cancer Research UK –

York House Centre Sponsorship –

If you are a UK Tax Payer, please add Gift Aid as it increases your donation by 25%!

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