Local Shopping goes Miles Further

Is organic better than non-organic? Little has changed with regards to the arguments about nutritional quality and risks from pesticides and fertilisers. Organic is often considered more sustainable as fewer chemicals are used and there’s a lower risk of leeching. Yields, however, are considerably less for a similar field. Which way should the average consumer go?


The weather, the soil and processing systems may have a greater influence on the nutritional quality of food and vegetables than whether they are organic or not. More importantly, most people don’t eat enough fruit or veg.

According to The Grocer in 2017 the UK only produced 23% of the fruit and veg we ate, yet 67% of us would prefer to buy British or locally. While you may not be able to distinguish the origins of most veg, there is a difference between a summer ripened tomato and an out of season winter one! Shockingly, the majority of people don’t know the seasonal months of most vegetables.

Buying local produce means we reduce environmental damage from
airmiles and more income is generated for the area. It is also more likely to be seasonal so shop local, buy organic if you can, but eat those fruit and vegetables!

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