Lockdown Panic. Miss, I Can’t Do It!

Chrissy's Blog and the issues for surviving lockdown and homeschooling
Chrissy's Blog and the issues for surviving lockdown panic and homeschooling

I often look back on the time I spend with my children and have such fond memories. Take March 2020, it was starting to get pretty warm and I remember spending most of my time in the garden with the kids. I was watching them in the paddling pool while I took a sip of some well-earned gin while relaxing on the lounger. 

The Reality of Lockdown Panic

Well, that is how I would have liked to remember it! Looking back it was a lot of shouting and arguing about reading something anything, maybe write one sentence? Please write something anything maybe your name? The constant moan and nagging for my children to do anything other than watch YouTube or play with their dolls. 

The only thing to get my children from being hermits and zombies to the screen was to get the paddling pool out. Having friends and family to talk to even via zoom and the phone was a wonderful help. 

The Latest Lockdown

Now, with the task of homeschooling the kids until at least the middle of February, my dry January has dramatically changed to drink January! It’s ok, we are ‘all in this together’ like the wonderful high school musical wildcats team would say. There are also a lot of resources readily available this time around. I know this because everywhere I look someone has posted a link. It’s great and very helpful although, for me, I find I just start sinking and drowning in all the links and thoughts about what I should and I shouldn’t be doing. It’s ok we have all got this.

I’m Not a Teacher but …

I am not a teacher nor do I want to be one. What I can do is show my children other great things that I do love to do. I can show them how to binge watch Netflix and eat even when you’re not hungry. Haha, all jokes aside, I can show them that being together as a family is important and more than anything we are making others safe. 

We can still stay in contact with other family members, just with the use of the phone, who knew it’s not just for games? I am lucky, my children are little and they are loving homeschooling mostly because they are not homeschooling! Basically, I do not want to spend the next few weeks arguing again and for us all to be crying in a ball on the floor. I will try to teach my children about the world and our surroundings. 

Top Tips to Prevent Lockdown Panic

For us, we can pull our socks up, keep calm and carry on. I hope it’s as easy for you guys too and by easy, I mean mentally not losing the plot. My tips would be to have a look on:

  • YouTube about home-schooling material,
  • the BBC
  • and, of course, what your school has provided.

See what works best for you and your family. Don’t forget it is different for us all but we are all here to help listen. Most importantly ask for help if and when you need it. Get outside if you can for a daily walk and be dressed and ready for the day by 9am.

I have found Ruth Miskin on YouTube great for key stage 1 phonics. I have also been working with my daughter on the BBC Teach website. Whatever is best for you. We have got this and we can.

Get in Touch

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