New Year, Who’s ‘Me’?

What a year 2020 was – right! This got me thinking. Should I make a New Year’s resolution or should I rip it up now as realistically it looks like I’ll be in my joggers and PJs for the foreseeable future? No, I’ll make one!

Mumpy24/7. Fun pictures of Chrissy, posing to show who she is and questioning if should she improve anything.
Who is Chrissy?

So I started making my New Year’s resolution and I realised, who is Chrissy? What do I need to improve but who am I to even start the process into how to improve? 

Mummy Chrissy

Mummy Chrissy is well established now. After having over seven years practise, I have come to the realisation my children think I am perfectly imperfect at being mum. Something I love doing and all my funny ways are perfectly normal and expected from them. 

Sure, I could improve and try harder at engaging with them to enjoy their academic work. Although, how do I help pass that passion on when I don’t have it? Imagination and fun are things I can bring to the table and believe me my kids have got those skills. 

Chrissy the Wife

How about improving as a wife? I mean the past year I’ve barely dragged a brush through my hair and certainly not even thought about shaving my legs in the past 8 months. I mean, I could probably learn to cook something other than chicken nuggets and chips but that’s something they all eat. Why change things now? 

A Resolution for Me

Maybe my New Year’s resolution could be for me, to benefit me? But who am I? What am I? Do I enjoy baths, I’ve no idea as I’ve not had one on my own, without children for 7 years! Do I enjoy peace and quiet? I mean, I only found out that was thing I like, once I’d given birth to my first and I have never had a moment of peace since. What are my hobbies? Do I enjoy Teen Titans or do I watch it in the hope I’ll drink my tea while it’s hot without a small person perched on my head?

This year is for ‘me’. Find out, who ‘me’ is, what ‘me’ likes, and finally how to self-care for ‘me’. I am a wonderful mother and a good enough wife. Now I need to be a great me. Do you know who you are? Should that be your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you have your own tips to help ‘me’ find ‘me’? Maybe I will find out ‘Who is Chrissy!’

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