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Pilates with Action Physio is a great way of helping youPilates at Action Physio Stony Stratford to use your body more efficiently.

Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s. When he was a child, Pilate was unwell with breathing difficulties (suffering from asthma and rheumatic fever).  He developed this form of exercise to overcome his own health problems and to use his body more efficiently. The Pilates movements are drawn from other forms of exercise such as yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. It was widely used by ballerina’s in the 1940’s onwards and has steadily grown in popularity around the world. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Liz Hurley, Ian MCKellan and Martin Amis regularly take part in Pilates.

How can Pilates benefit your health?

Pilates helps you use your body more efficiently. Your breathing pattern improves, and it trains your body to maintain the connection between your chest and pelvis. It is a form of exercise where you have to focus your mind too, and teach your abdominals to help co-ordinate and control movements of your limbs, hence taking pressure off your neck and back.

Following my classes and involvement in Pilates, patients have reported increased energy levels, standing better and improved posture, improved muscle strength and flexibility and certainly less aching of their bodies! A few patients have mentioned decreasing in muscle cramps, as well as a decrease in muscular tension and stress, as it is also a form of ‘unwinding’ especially as your mind needs to focus as well.

These [Pilates] exercises are really very necessary when you do a lot of sitting … They keep you flexible enough to pull on your socks as you get older … When I get out of the car now, I don’t go arrggghhh …”

– Martin Amis, novelist and twice-a-week Pilates devotee

I have not done exercise for ages, can I still benefit from and do Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise for all age groups and fitness levels. If you feel unsure, or are recovering from an injury and like you may need some individual training before doing a group class, Annelies – a qualified Physiotherapist – offers one-on-one sessions. These are 45 minutes long and she spends time going through the breathing pattern and how to find those deep abdominal muscles, which my not have been properly engaged for some time.

Pilates will help you improve your muscle strength, hence taking some of the stress away from joints suffering from the beginnings of some osteo- arthritis or weaknesses.

Balance exercises are practiced a lot in our Pilates classes, hence giving you the strength and stability to prevent falls, especially as you get older.

“Since doing my weekly classes at Action Physiotherapy, I now feel much more balanced and stronger, when walking the dog- my trips and stumbles have decreased almost altogether!
Dahlia, 70 – Stony Stratford

Can Pilates help reduce back pain?

Research has shown that doing core strengthening exercises and Pilates can help relieve non- specific, mechanical low back pain. This is usually in combination with cardiovascular exercises of some sort, e.g. brisk walking, cycling or swimming.  Individuals will have sessions tailored to their needs at Action Physio. This is possible because classes are small. A Physiotherapist or an instructor experienced in dealing with musculo-skeletal problems such as neck and back pain teaches the classes.

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