Rays of Sunshine

Autumn sun can still produce harmful UV rays so if you are planning outdoor activities with your dogs, ensure you protect them. Canines are susceptible to potential skin cancer painful burns and from the sun. They also burn their paws from hot roads and paths. If it’s too hot for your own feet, then it’s too hot for your dog. Avoid going for walks during the middle of hot days and make sure to test the temperature of the paths you are walking on. Walk in the shade or carry your dog if you need to cross hot paths and roads.

For advise on preventative treatments for ticks, flees & worms or the management of burns in animals book an appointment with one of the nurses at Maids Moreton or Cherry Lane.

Book an appointment:

The Vet Centre, Cherry Lane Garden Centre, NN12 7QN

 01280 812057 or 01908 542155

 Email: info@thevetcentre.ltd.uk

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