Products with a Conscience

Sew and Grow is an exciting local social enterprise project which creates hand-crafted, artisan products using recycled and naturally-dyed fabrics.

Developing Skills

Sew and Grow offers young people a different, more practical kind of training. They may have struggled in a traditional educational setting; here they can learn within a working environment and reconnect with the making process.

Sustainable and Kind to the Environment

Every product produced is natural and its impact on the environment kept to a minimum.

When we say natural, we mean natural. Plants like indigo and woad and food waste such as avocado skins, blackberries, turmeric and even red onion skins are used to dye fabrics into an incredible array of colours. Many of the plants are even grown at the Urb Farm while others like coffee, tea and black beans are easily accessed from the store cupboard. Each dye is kind to the environment, animals and humans – with no harmful chemicals.

To Dye For

These natural dyes produce some amazing vibrant colours. This team has experimented and the outcomes reflect the seasons and natural environment and are bright enough to be eye-catching.

Experiments with Hapa Zome, which translates as ‘leaf bashing’ produced incredible colourful, abstract artworks.

Let it Bee

Once dyed and sewn, the trainees apply beeswax to finish certain products. This gives a tougher more resistant, waterproof finish. The beeswax is sourced locally from Sew and Grow’s sister enterprise Urban Beelievers.

Quality Gifts

The products make perfect practical gifts, with designs for men and women. You can buy tote bags, toilet bags and even cushions that become even more beautiful with age and use. Some products are also lined giving better durability and a chic look.

With Mother’s Day coming up…

That’s Not Nearly all

This year Sew and Grew began work on researching products which are sustainable as well practical. A new range is planned to include reusable menstrual pads, sponges and bags

TOP TIP – Recycle, mend and DON’T send your clothes to landfill

Mission with a Passion

Sew and Grow is passionate about developing young people’s skills, being kind to environment and producing products that we love and value.

Keep an Eye Out

For natural dyeing workshops this summer. Follow them @Sewandgrowmk on Facebook & Instagram.


Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world and one of the largest consumers of water.

Where to Buy: On the High Street, Stony Stratford

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