Skyline’s Provides Excellent Community Service

Skyline community service during lockdown

Since lockdown began, Skyline Taxis carried on providing an excellent community taxi service 24 hours a day, every day.

Furthermore, their increased safety measures ensured customers continued to get to where they need to go to, every day. From taking key workers to their places of work or collecting and delivering essential items, Skyline drivers were available and the positive reviews kept coming in.

Finally, as restrictions lift and everyone is returning to their new normal – enjoying a meal out, visiting friends or getting to work, they guarantee to get you to your destination safely. In addition, they are continuing to offer their collect and delivery service. As well as this, it’s easy to book, track and pay directly through their app and payment is fast, safe, secure and contactless.

Download the Skyline Apps

In fact, if you want to become part of Skyline Taxis excellent community service, download the Skyline apps and get booking!

Gav Skyline Community Service during lockdown

For Taxi service iOS or Android

GRAB NOW, Eat, Shop & Stay Safe, delivery service

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