So they are back!

So they are back! They are back. Within a space of 30 seconds after the alarm went off this morning my 2 were back into the routine of chilling out in pj’s in front of the TV before the monster mum, screamed the house down while running around making sure everything was ready and prepared. I felt great. The shear relief off my shoulders when my kids walked into their classes and I jumped and punched the air in a scene similar to The Breakfast Club.

And breath, what to do. Will I do some well needed spring cleaning, organising of the home in general or household tasks. Nope. I am going to sit down with a hot tea in silence. ALL DAY LONG. This is my time and it is back and it feels wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong I loved spending time with my kids and even more so, now I’m looking back on it. The time was precious, but it was also a challenge. All our mental health has suffered. I even noticed in the last week of lockdown my children wanted a lot more impromptu cuddles and hugs. We had a lot of crying and breakdowns throughout lockdown and a lot of yelling went on in my home.

This is something I cannot completely put on my shoulders and hold the blame. This is something we will all need to sit down and manage. We will do this by talking a lot to each other and listening. Now that the role of teacher no longer needs to be filled. I can go back to enjoying the time I have with my children. Sit down and concentrate on them. Give them my time again. The best way I can do that is making sure I make time for myself and find me. Only once I can find me again can I introduce her to the children again.

Take at least 15 minutes of your day to yourself, for you and you only. Now the kids are back to school it is a lot easier to make that time. You are wonderful and so are your children. Compassion, patience, communication and time will get us to were we need to be.

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