Sow your spinach

Try: Palco, Monnopa, Atlanta – a hardy variety for winter use

Tasty, nutritious and versatile, spinach is a great choice for the vegetable patch. Eaten raw in salads, wilted or cooked quickly, it adapts to many cuisines.

Sow 2.5cm deep in rows 30cm apart in fertile soil enriched with wellrotted compost. Make regular sowings for plentiful supplies.

Keep rows moist to prevent bolting in hot weather, protect plants from birds and thin out, allowing air to circulate to avoid downy mildew.

With protection from cold, spinach can be grown almost all year round. Sow summer varieties from February – under fleece or cloches, outdoors from March to the end of May. Sow winter cultivars in August and September, covering from October

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