Stony in Bloom

Calcutta Brasserie Fundraiser

The fundraiser was a huge success – with mouth- wateringly delicious food and an evening enjoyed by everyone who attended. The massive sum of £953 was raised for SSIB funds and will help to keep the town looking beautiful. Jean Morley and friends from Mill apartments donated basket-loads of presents for the raffle and Jill Pyburn from Back to the Fuchsia donated a stunningly beautiful bouquet.

Summer to winter

SSIB volunteers and the SSBA combined forces in the summer to winter changeover of the planters and taking down the baskets. Perennials from the York House Community Bed were replanted in the winter planters along with bright and cheerful annual pansies.

There was a great pick up and take away table in the High Street for the geraniums that were still blooming – having been taken out of the planters and baskets.

St Mary and St Giles School

This year pupils took part in the RHS Big Soup Share where pupils helped by SSIB volunteers and TAs made pumpkin soup from the vegetables they’d grown. Staff and parents, even a few pupils, tasted the delicious soup at an Open Day!

Jean Barrington

Jean Barrington made a large donation in memory of her husband and a new bed is planned for the Ousebank / Calverton corner in his memory.

Greetings Cards

Once again SSIB sold beautiful Stony in Bloom greetings cards on the Switch-on table along with the SSBA calendars to help raise more funds.

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