The Stony Stratford Phoenix Painting Project

In May earlier this year, Stony Stratford residents were devastated to hear about the fire which destroyed two lovely old buildings in the fireHigh Street and caused massive damage to a cafe and hairdressers in the Stratford Arcade. Offices and the buildings on either side will remain closed for months whilst repairs are carried out.

The miracle is that no human lives were lost. The destroyed buildings now look like gaps in a line of teeth. Whilst demolition and re-building are going on, this area will be surrounded with wooden hoardings which will probably be in position for up to two years. Kate Davies and Jonny Boatfield have come up with a plan to help turn this disaster into something positive and beautiful, to restore pride in the town and encourage visitors.

A Massive Art Project!
Covering the 16 metres of hoardings with a drawing chronicling processions along the High Street (Watling Street) over the ages. Showing the town changing over the centuries and that there is a positive side to evolution. Buildings that have come and gone, events that have changed the landscape – of life unfolding in a market town and moving forward.

Kate and Jonny will run a series of massive PAINT PARTIES or art workshops from York House on London Road for everyone from 8th August at 10am.

EVERYONE’s help is needed whatever age or ability – to come and colour in the drawing Jonny will do onto the wooden panels.
Most people know Jonny as the Big Draw artist and he is delighted to be part of this wonderful plan. He drew the sketch above as part of the big plan. You can contribute in making this fantastic work of art by adding your daubs – and maybe get to sign the boards for posterity when they go on show!

On completion, the boards will be taken to the High Street and erected by DS Associates in place surrounding the destroyed buildings. After the building work has finished, and if the boards are still in good condition – they will be divided and there will be an opportunity to purchase a historic piece of art. It would be great to see the boards in local shops, pubs, businesses, council rooms, library, schools or even homes!

It’s a very exciting and ambitious project and YOU ARE NEEDED to contribute in as many ways as possible. To draw, paint and colour or to donate to the Just Giving Crowd Funder page or to help supply materials.

So come and joint the painting parties at York House between 8-12 August – and be prepared to get messy and bring some cake to share!

To donate: Information from Kate Davies:

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