The Fruity Farmer, Our Hidden Gem

The Fruity Farmer

This winter/ Christmas hidden gem award goes to the Fruity Farmer’s latest seasonal fruity, alcoholic beverage! They make the perfect Christmas tipples as well as a fantastic gift ideas. Their Cherry Brandy is already a firm favourite in our camp but this Orange Rum goes to the next level of enjoyment. You can purchase the reasonably priced bottles from the farm, when you buy your Christmas tree, as well as in a number of local outlets like ARTea Room and local farmer’s markets.

Where did it all start?

During 2015 owners Jenny and Chris came up with the catchy brand-name of ‘The Fruity Farmer’. This reflected their range of homemade seasonal fruit liqueurs, made mainly with hedgerow and garden fruits from the farm. I

Their range of FRUIT LIQUEURS, are popular both as gifts and as treats to enjoy at home, include the following:

Rhubarb Gin

During May and June they pick fresh rhubarb from the garden. They infuse it with Gin for around 3 weeks to produce this particularly tasty liqueur. It is the prettiest pale pink colour which looks really attractive in bottles.

Seville Orange Gin

Made using beautiful seasonal Seville oranges, this is a velvety smooth liqueur. It won the Best Local Drink Product 2018 in the Milton Keynes Food & Leisure Awards. You’ll enjoy on its own, or with a Fever Tree elderflower or mediterranean mixer.

Gooseberry Gin

Launched in Autumn 2018, this fruit gin is proving popular not only with gooseberry lovers but with fruit gin lovers in general. Mix it with a tonic to turn it into a longer drink to enjoy

Raspberry Vodka

Jenny and Chris pick fresh, summer raspberries in July and steep them in Vodka for around 3 months. This gives the liqueur its gorgeous deep-red colour and vibrant taste.

Cherry Brandy

The Fruity Farmer

Beautifully plump, sweet Kordia cherries grown with love in the cherry orchards at Horwood Cherries in Buckinghamshire are steeped in Brandy and left to mature for around 4 months to make this warming and tasty liqueur.

Strawberry Gin

From Jenny and Chris’s garden strawberry bed. They pick Strawberries in June and steep them in Gin for 6 weeks, allowing their flavour and beautiful colour to come out in this refreshing liqueur.

Apple and Blackberry Gin

A tasty Gin featuring apples picked from the garden with the biggest, freshest blackberries from the farm hedges, steeped in Gin and given time to mature.


This popular Italian style liquor is made by mixing vodka with the finest unwaxed lemons. Enjoy it when served ice cold to give you a real taste of Italy. One of the only fruits which they don’t harvest or grow themselves…yet! (Though they have plans for a lemon tree in their conservatory…)

Blackberry Whisky

The taste of autumn in a glass. Jenny and Chris infuse whisky with blackberries taken from their farm hedges. It develops a deep-flavoured, dark coloured whisky liqueur. 

Buy the liqueurs that come in attractive, Italian glass 200ml or 250ml bottles, priced at £10 each. They also sell larger 500ml bottles for £20 each. They are all swing-top bottles, with the exception of the Blackberry Whisky which is corked.

The Fruity Farmer 01908 551903  07770 614364 FB The Fruity Farmer

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