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Welcome to the latest edition of Essentially Local. Click on the front cover picture to look inside. We’ve joined up with Stony Radio for excellent print and radio advertising opportunities. Let’s celebrate the exciting adventures of even more local businesses.

What’s Inside?

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing businesses have reopened to keep us fit, healthy, looking and feeling good. Give yourself a relaxing treat.


Enjoy some fantastic local food and drink in the comfort of your own home or why not try the delicious afternoon tea at the Maaya Indian Kitchen and Bar?

There are some great events taking place on line including lantern making – take a look on page 22 for details.


Schools and leisure activities are gradually returning. Re-build your child’s confidence with a dance or performing arts class.

Shout out to young artists – our Christmas Drawing Competition is taking place. We aren’t quite sure about how we’ll exhibit the pictures in the flesh but we’ll be doing something – watch this space and send your drawings to the Stony Sweet Shop.

Home and Garden

Working from home can be easier than you think with our local traders. Improve your internet connection with a quick chat about data cables with MKL Cable Solutions or use your loft for better and easier storage with Home County Loft Ladders.

There is so much to read, advice to take, businesses to talk to and activities to do. Look inside and keep your business Essentially Local!

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