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Welcome to the latest edition of Essentially Local. If you would like to see a copy of the magazine get in touch and we’ll send you one. Along with Stony Radio for excellent print and radio advertising opportunities. Let’s celebrate the exciting adventures of even more local businesses.

Picture showing the front cover of the January-February 2021 Edition of Essentially Local magazine. Connecting communities around North Milton Keynes

What’s Inside?

Health and Wellbeing

Despite the latest lockdown our Health and Well-being businesses are continuing to stay positive with innovative ways of helping us to keep motivated, stay fit and healthy as well as look and feel good. As soon as it is possible make sure you give them your support.


Enjoy some fantastic local food and drink in the comfort of your own home. Buying local produce keeps money locally and boosts the economy, it reduces miles travelled helping the environment and you’ll feel great for supporting small businesses.


Schools and leisure activities returned to zoom and online classes. Happily, children have returned to school and enjoying being with friends again. Childrens’ groups are set to return to studios in April and we can’t wait to see more of them finding their confidence once again. The many local and excellent dance and performing arts classes, as well as sports and craft groups, offer so much to young people.

If you aren’t sure whether or not to give it a go, most of our groups offer a free initial session or two. Try it and see for yourself.

Home and Garden

Working from home can be easier than you think with our local traders. Improve your internet connection with a quick chat about data cables with MKL Cable Solutions or use your loft for better and easier storage with Home County Loft Ladders.

This year it is very much about making your house a home with inspired interiors that are a little more cosy than they were last year.

There is so much to read, advice to take, businesses to talk to and activities to do. Look inside and keep your business Essentially Local!

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